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Celebrate the small successes!

It has taken a while, but they have finally healed…


Shame and Pain

I was always trying to make people laugh because I was really sad, and depressed – and I didn’t want anyone to feel as sad as I did inside. 

What I can control…

I hope you are with me on focusing on what you can do, and not focusing on what you cannot do. 

To the chronically Ill:

This is my letter to you. Please keep going…

Why I’m not going to treat you like a victim…

Trauma has lifelong effects but resilience is a life long practice.

The story isn’t over

When going through difficulties, sometimes reflection is a tool to keep going.

Deep Thought Thursday: Embrace the pain!

To prepare yourself for pain or challenges – it helps to think about it differently.

Princess of the ward

well, I was out of my procedure and recovering thinking about my next blog sharing what an amazing success it was (better than the best case scenario planned for). I felt so blessed because of the unpredicted outcome. However yesterday afternoon I suddenly got…

When “everyone else has got it together” – the big lie we tell ourselves:

Do you feel like overwhelmed and alone?

You are a warrior!

This is my new motto. We had a difficult day today. My son, who has sensory issues had a couple of meltdowns (in public) but the other difficulty is that I still have a few family members who don’t handle it well. I cannot…

5 ideas of how to let go of anger and move on

What about Anger and Forgiveness? This could be your year to let go and shine. I have been thinking a lot about this subject mainly because I love listening to people. However, there is so much that people say or do that is the…