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No More Excuses

Even when you are physically better – you have to make yourself mentally better before you make a change.


Organization Friday: 5..4..3..2…1.. GO!

According to science – you just need to adopt this rule to start achieving those goals.

You are not a victim! 3 sentences to help you stay resilient.

Be better!

You are a warrior!

This is my new motto. We had a difficult day today. My son, who has sensory issues had a couple of meltdowns (in public) but the other difficulty is that I still have a few family members who don’t handle it well. I cannot…

Organizing inspiration:

What gets you inspired to get rid of your clutter? Friday is my cleaning day, but I hate doing it (there are apparently some people who love cleaning… I need to find me one of those people and invite them over). I have found…