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A very personal post

Countless tears and many prayers..


Perspective: It changes everything

She said “I will fall!” I said “So what if you do?”

Inspiration Monday: Keeping the inspiration going…

Are you burnt out? What do you do to keep your passion and vision alive?

Princess of the ward

well, I was out of my procedure and recovering thinking about my next blog sharing what an amazing success it was (better than the best case scenario planned for). I felt so blessed because of the unpredicted outcome. However yesterday afternoon I suddenly got…

At the Cancer Care Clinic…

  No I do not have cancer, but I do have to go to the Cancer Care Clinic for my hematologist (one of my many specialists). Every time I go there I am humbled. There was one European family who was waiting for an…

A different perspective – why it’s not JUST about YOUR mindset.

What do you need from those around you?

To choose a positive mindset.

Facing your situation, head on.