Why we can’t talk about Anything anymore…

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I love hearing other people’s ideas, thoughts and suggestions. Why? Because I know that maybe, just maybe I don’t know everything about everything… I know shock right? There is so much to learn from other people and I think we can learn a lot more from people than we would from books (that was painful for me to say… as I love my books).

I am going to be honest… I had a strange weekend. My son, who has sensory issues was quite highly strung and I was having to use a lot of patience being able to work with him. He was discussing his goals with me about wanting to make $10 more to pay for a LEGO set he had wanted. I told him how I could not give him $10 in one day for chores… I was going to suggest other options but instead he reacted before I could get there – strongly. His words were “You don’t care about my goals, or that I would like to try to buy Continue reading “Why we can’t talk about Anything anymore…”


Why I quit Journalism

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When I was younger and decided on majoring in Journalism because I had the idea that the only goal in life is revealing the truth. I wanted to uncover corruption and provide justice for the people in a way that the law couldn’t. I wanted to fight for the person who had no voice. Of course, when we are young, our ideals a faulty as they are untainted with real life.

In one of my classes, Media Ethics, I became aware of a real life situation that distressed me. A woman stood up and talked about how her brother had gone through an extremely traumatizing incident (through respect I will not give the details of the exact story). She talked about the mental affects it had on her as well as her family, friends, and particularly her brother. Immediately after this trauma, the media was after an interview. They tried many tricks to be “the first” to get the story. These tricks caused more stress on the family who went through the entire ordeal. People wanted to know EVERYTHING and ALL things about this particular event in which only her brother could talk about and yet – he couldn’t. He was extremely physically and emotionally he was unable to speak about it. Yet the problem was – the media needed a story and they couldn’t get a hold of the one person they needed for the story – so they did something else. They brought all sorts of “survival experts” and psychologists to interview. As a result, the first interviews about this story were by “experts” who never went through the event themselves who discussed how this man had to have made up the entire situation.
Now can you imagine the mental affects there has to be on someone who not only went through a physically and emotionally traumatizing event (that lasted for days) but because you weren’t ready to speak about it yet, there are now people talking about the worst experience of your life as a made up story on national television. Continue reading “Why I quit Journalism”