Princess of the ward

well, I was out of my procedure and recovering thinking about my next blog sharing what an amazing success it was (better than the best case scenario planned for). I felt so blessed because of the unpredicted outcome.

However yesterday afternoon I suddenly got nauseous and and felt pressure in my chest. It turns out that my body decided I didn’t get enough attention and my spleen decided to cause a bit of drama and decide to kill itself a little bit (aka a splenic infarct). I didn’t feel pain at first, just sick, dizzy and pressure. However overnight the nausea and pain has increased just to remind me that my spleen isn’t joking.

Doc came by this morning to confirm I’m staying for a while. In order to make myself smile after a difficult night I decided to take a picture of myself with an obvious filter – a crown.

I’ve deemed myself princess of this place (not sure if the nurses have figured out they are in the presence of royalty yet…) 😉

Hope your night was better than mine. Keep smiling! From Her Royal Highness, Princess Jenny.