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A very personal post

Countless tears and many prayers..


Tuesday Health check: A Slam Dunk?

This post isn’t for the majority but for those that understand that they have rare health issues.

Tuesday: A little more hope…

Tuesday Health Post

Tuesday Health Check: All you need is one!

desperation… and hope…

You are a warrior!

This is my new motto. We had a difficult day today. My son, who has sensory issues had a couple of meltdowns (in public) but the other difficulty is that I still have a few family members who don’t handle it well. I cannot…

5 ideas of how to let go of anger and move on

What about Anger and Forgiveness? This could be your year to let go and shine. I have been thinking a lot about this subject mainly because I love listening to people. However, there is so much that people say or do that is the…

First blog post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.