Beginning Today

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Today is the day I start my journey to becoming more fit and the weight that I want to be.
It hit me that I have done this but given up because I don’t see the progress I have made. I was looking at other weight-loss stories and I saw a woman who said she was glad she took pictures because she didn’t think she had made progress even though she had lost 100 pounds. The pictures showed how obvious it was that she had lost weight but in her head she felt like she hadn’t made progress.
This is why I fully believe that as long as you don’t have any physical health problems Continue reading “Beginning Today”


No More Excuses

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So Many of you know that I have had illness for most of my life.
I am pleased to announce that I have been given the “ALL CLEAR” by my doctor last week. Although, My doctor told me I’m not allowed contact sports which was a big “duh” for me (ha ha).
The problem with being so tired and ill for so long is that I am no longer “fit” (to put it nicely), and all though I’m not obese, I am definitely not in shape.
I have noticed ever since I have recovered from the “spleen-attack”, and the spleen has shrunk by a third – I have recovered more energy than I have ever had before.
I do have minor surgeries in the coming years and tests that involve being put to sleep every year but I am amazed at how much physical resilience I have now and know it would only get better if I was in shape.
I have no more physical reasons why I cannot workout and I’ve been told that as long as I take care of my liver (which includes getting in shape) I could live as long as anyone else despite the physical stress my body has gone through. So I am motivated!

What’s the problem? Now it’s mental. I have been so used to being “too tired” or struggling on the brink of death (little did I realize how sick I was all this time), that my brain is trying to give me more excuses. So I’m here to say that YES! I am doing this, and I plan to work through all those excuses and replacing them with more positive and encouraging thoughts to get through this. So WATCH THIS SPACE – I will be monitoring my progress – I’m holding myself accountable with telling you all my plans. I have to back up what I say!!
(P.S. Okay – my only physical excuse is that I have had a cold for the last week but I’m finally starting to kick that and get more active again – heh heh).

Inspiration Monday: Keeping the inspiration going…


It took me going back to university working toward my education degree that helped me understand how my thoughts was failing me.
I believe I was born with a growth mindset (if you haven’t already I recommend Mindset by Carol Dweck to better understand growth vs Fixed mindset), however it took a lot of “you can’t do that” and “This is the way you should do things” that I grew into a fixed mindset.
It wasn’t until I had to go back to school and understanding my fear of failing that I learned how fixed my mindset was. I forced myself to read every piece of feedback on my assignments – not just the positive, but especially the negative and see what I could learn from it. I pushed myself into learning not to become discouraged from setbacks but to figure out how to grow from them.
I have learned that a degree isn’t going to answer my dreams in what I want to achieve in life (although I will keep up with it for that piece of paper). I can see myself becoming frustrated with the restraints of the education sector after a few years of teaching.

I am naturally discouraged along this journey because my generation has grown up in what I have dubbed (unless someone said it before me) “a microwave society”. We are used to having what we want the instant that we want it and I’m not going to go into a rant about how spoiled our generation is, but how much easier it is to become discouraged when things down’t work out for us right away. We expect success – and quickly.

One of the main reasons people site for not losing weight is that we don’t lose weight “quick enough” in our minds. Our expectations are high, and fast, just like internet connections.  However one great opportunity with this era is that the we live in a world with a lot more avenues to promote our passion. It doesn’t matter if you live in the middle of nowhere – if you have the internet, you have an opportunity.

So what to do? Is your goal to get fit? Is it growing your online business? Is it a degree?

With still in recovery from my procedure and trying to gain strength again, my routine might be a bit light compared to others but I recommend a passion routine.
Find real people and/or find an online group about your passion – this includes finding a mentor (if you can). You can find some websites (or blogs) that help direct you with your ideas and goals.  Go to your library and ask the librarian what resources that the library holds (as well as the community events) that could assist you.

Lastly, have some books on the subject and read a few pages each day (depending on how much time you have – but commit to a certain amount of pages).

I personally have a book on current events that I like to read to get my mind “warmed up” then I read 10 minutes of each book (I currently have two) on the subject I am passionate about, (and add on a lot of online research). After I put a lot of my effort into my goals for that day (each day working towards what I want to achieve) I then have a relaxing book that has nothing to do with anything else – but to be able to decompress after intense work. This is something that universities recommend when doing copious amounts of research. You need a book that wont make you think too hard to help the mind feel like it’s had a “break” and a “relax” so you don’t get burnt out.

But the very first step you must take – is changing your mindset!

If you have the chance I would love if you left your recommendations of books on the subjects you are keeping your passion with in the comments section.
Happy Monday!