“Stay in your Sandbox”


So today I had a conversation that brought up a saying “Stay in your own Sandbox”.  It refers to the idea that if we all played in our own sandbox and stopped worrying about what castles other people were building or have created or destroyed in their own sandbox that we would all be happier.

I was reminded of this idea recently as someone close to me has not understood that most of their issues come from getting themselves into other people’s sandbox. They can’t seem to understand that they need to focus on what they are building, what they are destroying or how to fix or create their own world without getting into other people’s business. There is a constant stream of advice on what we should do or what would “fix” things without proper understanding of the exact situation. Nor  are they taken seriously because they don’t seem to be working in their own sandbox.

It doesn’t mean that this person isn’t loved or dearly regarded but it adds to any drama that you or others may be going through to receive opinions that have not been properly thought out. No one needs that extra interference and there is a large chance no one is going to take your advice if there isn’t proof that you have succeeded with building your own sandcastle in your own area.

I am an opinionated person but I know that no matter what advice I may give or offer (when asked – and sometimes when it’s not) that at the end of the day – I need to stay and work on my own sandcastle. Make sure that sandcastle is stable and still standing as that’s the most important place anyone can be. In their own sandbox.

Happy Building!