Thankful – day 2


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Continuing on rewiring my brain and doing the 30 days of writing down what you are thankful for… I am on day 2!

1. I am living in Australia and in the United States there was a prolonged winter – we had a prolonged summer. Which sounds great in theory however in reality a lot of farmers were in drought, a lot of crops did not get enough rain, food became more expensive and to bring it home in a very selfish manner – we had a broken air conditioning and were sweating daily. So Today I am thankful for autumn finally showing up and becoming cooler – the rain getting to the farmers last week and not feeling like I’m dying of heat in my own home. I am thankful that fruits and vegetables are on their way to being more affordable and their usual prices. I am thankful for feeling comfortable – with the temperature. I am thankful the thirsty land is being fed.

2. The other thing I am thankful for was that I finally sent off my signed contract for work coming up next term. We did the math and as I am a casual worker, if they call me in (as I am “substitute staff”/supply staff) just 5 days out of the month – our whole budget forecast changes. We will not be dependent on family to financially survive but will be able to save for the first time in years. This is super exciting for us. Term two doesn’t start for another couple of weeks but it’s exciting that there is a possibility for us to not be financially dependent on others. If you haven’t experienced being assisted financially I cannot tell you how depressing it can become. It is extremely painful and am thankful for the possible opportunity to change this part of our lives.


Hope you have found two things to be thankful for today and that your brain is being rewired in a good way.


Why we can’t talk about Anything anymore…

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I love hearing other people’s ideas, thoughts and suggestions. Why? Because I know that maybe, just maybe I don’t know everything about everything… I know shock right? There is so much to learn from other people and I think we can learn a lot more from people than we would from books (that was painful for me to say… as I love my books).

I am going to be honest… I had a strange weekend. My son, who has sensory issues was quite highly strung and I was having to use a lot of patience being able to work with him. He was discussing his goals with me about wanting to make $10 more to pay for a LEGO set he had wanted. I told him how I could not give him $10 in one day for chores… I was going to suggest other options but instead he reacted before I could get there – strongly. His words were “You don’t care about my goals, or that I would like to try to buy Continue reading “Why we can’t talk about Anything anymore…”

Why Australia needs Koosh Balls.

koosh So my son has sensory issues and for a long time I was thinking how much he would love a Koosh Ball. I looked everywhere for them, and assumed they just weren’t made anymore. I assumed they were one of those “vintage toys” that had to make a comeback someday – like everything else.

I remember them quite vividly as a preteen/teen in America and it was just naturally part of our existence. I remember everyone having one and we would play, throw, and just enjoy the sensory experience of touching it. So I guess this was the sort of thing I first thought of before the fidget spinner (however the new LED ones look amazing) became so popular!

In this regard I assumed all my Australian family and friends knew what it was too and that it was just accepted that these were no longer made – until a certain Jimmy Kimmel and Justin Timberlake skit.  I giggled and showed my husband who turned to me and said “What’s Koosh?”. WHAT???? “WHAT??? So I was like “you know, Koosh balls“. “He just shook his head and “nope”. So I had to google it – sure enough this lovely little gem is still very much alive and selling in the United States – so why the heck is it not down here in AUSTRALIA??  I found it on an Australian online “therapy” store (which happen to be “out of stock”) but I thought how can this not just be in every single store in Australia? We need it! Don’t even get me started on the fact that Australia does not carry Candy Land (which I desperately looked for when my children were 3 and 4 – tried ordering it online and again “out of stock”).
Please, American companies, please branch out and sell some of your product here, or someone with a decent warehouse in Australia need to think about becoming distributors! I would do it if I had a warehouse! There are quite a few other things I wish would make it down here to Australia if I had my way (and if anyone reads this blog besides my mother).
The I HEART GUTS is also a company I am desperately sold on (being a regular hospital visitor). Anyway… If anyone has a good business sense and would not screw up the bringing of a few of these products to Australia – PLEASE do so, or I would even be happy for someone to mentor me to do it myself!
Koosh Balls and I heart Guts, this is just a sample of wonderful products that I believe Australia would eat up, not just for “therapy” or “hospital visits’ but for education and fun! Plus – my husband needs to be educated on how fun these toys are (and it’s extra fun when all your friends own them too. We don’t want to be the only ones with Koosh Balls on the street).