Category: Resilience

What I can control…

I hope you are with me on focusing on what you can do, and not focusing on what you cannot do. 



You’re that girl!! I heard about you!!” suddenly there was 50 questions coming my way

Keep getting back up

“It’s not about how many times you fall down, but how many times you get back up”

A True Leader…

To the smart person, who will ask him what he thinks, he will share many interesting tactics and observations – but he never shares unless asked. 

You are the special occasion

Did you know the probability of you being you (and being born) is over 400 quadrillion?

Comparison is a thief..

I could choose to feel frustrated, or I could choose to be amazed with the situation I am in.

To the chronically Ill:

This is my letter to you. Please keep going…

Why I’m not going to treat you like a victim…

Trauma has lifelong effects but resilience is a life long practice.

The story isn’t over

When going through difficulties, sometimes reflection is a tool to keep going.

You just have to go through it….

There is more than just the physical side of surviving something difficult. There is the emotional toll that is unavoidable…

Deep Thought Thursday: How becoming comfortable can kill you.

Sometimes it’s best to stay uncomfotable

Deep Thought Thursday: Embrace the pain!

To prepare yourself for pain or challenges – it helps to think about it differently.