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What is stopping you?

Now that I have identified my fear, I will embrace it.


What I can control…

I hope you are with me on focusing on what you can do, and not focusing on what you cannot do. 

Beginning Today

You are not a dog, do not reward yourself with treats


You’re that girl!! I heard about you!!” suddenly there was 50 questions coming my way

Distraction techniques

I rarely use this method but I am trying to put my effort and thoughts into anything else..

Perspective: It changes everything

She said “I will fall!” I said “So what if you do?”

A True Leader…

To the smart person, who will ask him what he thinks, he will share many interesting tactics and observations – but he never shares unless asked. 

You are the special occasion

Did you know the probability of you being you (and being born) is over 400 quadrillion?

Writing should make you feel like Royalty…

It’s the idea of possibility that comes into my mind when I see a pencil of unspoken words and thoughts and ideas.

Stress isn’t actually bad for you…

for me to cope, I’ve had to accept that life is stressful – and I just have to think differently about it – and change my perception. 

Change of Attitude

Serving others is a privilege. It is absolutely necessary for mental health.

A Better Perspective

What would you say if someone told you they want to be like you?