Celebrate the small successes!

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Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com

This week I am celebrating wearing shorts! Why? Well, it’s been almost 18 months since the accident of my car losing my brakes which caused it to drag me down a hill. I had terrible gravel rash. It healed incredibly quickly (within 4 weeks) except for one trouble spot that took over a year to heal. It took so long because my knee still had gravel in it. It was pretty gross to look at and even my 4-year-old niece would ask me when swimming in the family pool “What’s wrong with your knee Aunty Jenny?”
Her sweet little mind was very concerned about the “rock inside Aunty Jenny’s knee” and talked about the subject with quite a few people.

I am thankful for this accident though, because it is what caused the doctors to find the aneurysm near my spleen as they had to scan my stomach because my stomach also had gravel rash. So to me, being dragged by a car was a blessing in disguise. It caused a lot of pain but helped me save my life.

Knowing I had scars that were quite noticeable, especially under my left knee that skin eventually grew over the pieces of gravel in my knee… and people would point and ask about it, I started wearing long pants and long skirts no matter what the weather.

Before my life-saving procedure for my aneurysm/spleen the doctors had to remove the gravel as it was still causing a bit of inflammation as they didn’t want it to cause infection during or after the procedure.

It has taken a while, but it has finally healed almost completely. Yes there are scars but I have accepted them and also the scars seem to have started fading (finally). So I have taken to wearing shorts again, and I’m excited.

Also, life is too short not to wear shorts. I feel good about my legs. They aren’t glamorous, gorgeous things, but they work!! Yes, they are in pain at times, but they get me places. I’m thankful for them, I know some people don’t have gift of walking or having legs. So it’s stupid to be that self conscious about scars on my legs!

So, I’m on the hunt for buying more shorts as I am ready to show off these pegs!
P.S. – I have before and after photos – but as people can get a bit squeamish about blood etc…  I have “hidden” the photos unless you press the “read more” tag.

Left leg, one week after accident at “bandage change” check-up.

Right leg, one week after accident at “bandage change” check-up.
They aren’t pretty but they are healed and they work.

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