What I can control…

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Well, I have hit reality today that I am suffering from my yearly struggle with the weather (here in Australia) turning from Spring into Summer. To be honest I REALLY don’t do well with the weather change. I’ll be fine when the heat evens out but right now it goes from rain to hot as hell and then cold rain again. My body just doesn’t adjust to such inconsistency.

However I am on a “getting fit” kick and I was frustrated with my health setback. I remembered that even though I was in extreme pain, that my doctor told me that for health reasons it was still important to walk (no matter what!!) – so I pushed myself to walk. Also, I realized I could still control what I eat. Usually on a difficult health day I make myself “feel better” by eating the wrong foods. Chocolate is a big temptation – anything with sugar to be honest because it gives you a small kick of energy when you feel so horrible. NOT TODAY!  I focused on eating low-GI foods and worked on me mentally feeling rewarded to not giving in to the easy options.

I cannot control my health turns, but I can control what I eat and at least attempt “just walking” on my bad days. This is my new mentality. My energy and pain is not going to control my ultimate goal.
I hope you are with me on focusing on what you can do, and not focusing on what you cannot do.


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