Beginning Today

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Today is the day I start my journey to becoming more fit and the weight that I want to be.
It hit me that I have done this but given up because I don’t see the progress I have made. I was looking at other weight-loss stories and I saw a woman who said she was glad she took pictures because she didn’t think she had made progress even though she had lost 100 pounds. The pictures showed how obvious it was that she had lost weight but in her head she felt like she hadn’t made progress.
This is why I fully believe that as long as you don’t have any physical health problems that cause you to put on weight or prevent you from losing weight (like I had without my knowledge for so long), that weight loss is purely a MENTAL THING. We want to see results from our effort. Sometimes we don’t lose weight because we are building muscle and losing fat – and muscle weighs more than fat. So if we are ONLY looking at the scales – we are deceiving ourselves into thinking that we are not making progress.

Yes, I still have a few physical health hurdles – but as my doctor said, that as long as I take care of my liver I could live as long as anyone else – so this is my motivation – to live.

Also I saw a quote the other day – and it made me giggle. “You are not a dog, do not reward yourself with treats”. TRUE! My reward is wanting to fit into some of my old dresses.
Hope you are inspired to GET fit or STAY fit! Have a great week!

P.S. I have taken “before” photos – in which I want to share – once I have made some progress.


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