Distraction techniques

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I am tired of doctors – You know what I am talking about…

I have to undergo more tests in preparation for yet another procedure. I am usually pretty cool and calm about these types of things, but I find myself feeling depressed when I’m just asked for a blood test. I’m tired of being a human pin cushion, and not making decisions about my own body.

How am I coping? Distraction. Yes – sometimes when Reality gets too much (and it does) that sometimes it’s best to temporarily distract yourself.  I rarely use this method but I am trying to put my effort and thoughts into anything else but upcoming tests to help my anxiety. Thursday This week is a day procedure in seeing what may or may not need to be done.

Here have been some distraction techniques

  1. reading a book on anything else – especially ones on future goals that help me look at the “long term” goals instead of short term. One of my specifics is reading The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape. Why? Well we need a way to save every penny we can.
  2. Engaging with my children – this is delightful and distracting and EDUCATIONAL. I usually have them read to me or we make quizzes or play games. It’s the best.
  3. Yesterday I went on a walk on a beautiful mountain with my sisters. I let them do most of the talking – it was nice hearing about their lives.
  4. cleaning

Please add to my list – what are  your distraction techniques?
Hope you are having a better week than me!


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