When you are “too white”…


Yes, you read that right. I’m taking about being too white.
This blog entry is dedicated to those that understand the comments you get if you are super-pale.
Once again the subject of my children’s skin color came up in conversation today. It happens. One shade whiter and I’m sure they could be mistaken for being albino.
I had an Asian man who would work in my house a couple of years ago and he would stop and stare at the pictures of my kids and  I would say “What?” and he would say “your kids are so white! I have never seen kids so white before”.
Umm.. so that’s a conversation starter.
He had to mention how he has never seen children that white every single time he was in our house. So I got used to it… and learned not to take it personally.
My daughter also passes out every once in a while and we don’t know what the cause is – but every time she has ended up at the hospital they look at her and say “Oh, she is super white, is she always this white?” Uhh… yes. That’s how white my kids are – so white they look sick. In fact doctors are always sure my daughter has undiagnosed anemia as she is so pale… and they are always shocked she isn’t anemic. That’s how white my daughter is – “We’re shocked she isn’t anemic” white (see how many shades of white there are?).

Anyway, once again today it was discussed… “Wow, I could tell your daughter was sick today – she looked even whiter than normal… is that even possible?? I thought she was pretty white already, but I guess she can get whiter”.

And with that I’m done… if anyone else has hilarious white comments to share (I don’t take these personally and they are pretty funny to tell friends over a beer or wine) please write them in the comments.

Either way – if you can tan, my family is in awe that you don’t blend in with a white-painted wall and we kind of envy that there is a bit of color to your skin.

Hope I was able to make you giggle at the start of your week.

Tired of blending into a white wall? Buy yourself a dark T shirt so people can spot you.


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