Thank you.

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There has been a sense of entitlement growing for a while within society and culture. However many people do not understand the power of simply saying “thank you”.

Doing things for other people makes one feel good about yourself – it’s good energy that is put into the world. The failure to hear a thank you, can make you think twice about helping again.

I am writing Thank you cards this Friday due to many people who helped me out during a difficult time. I have found that my relationships grow ten-fold when I don’t just say it but take the time to write a card.

I have had people who will help me out in the most difficult times, beyond what I think is normal for a person to do, because they appreciate feeling appreciated. It really is that simple.

Not only will people be more willing to help you out, but the act of saying thank you in a more tangible way actually helps your attitude and gives you good energy. Most people think the opposite… they have some sort of power to think “Well, I deserved that”. This attitude just grows to being more ungrateful, less happy, and less attraction for others doing anything for you or helping you out in a desperate time of need.

Don’t think you have time?

Taking 30 minutes at the end of each month to write out a few cards for those that might have done something for you will change your world and your relationship with others.
Happy Friday.
Want to make your thank you card more special?

Thank you stickers and accessories
Thank you cards



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