Wednesday – Anzac day: Lest we forget.


I usually post “Cool Finds Wednesday” where I post cool new items out there for sale.
Today I struggled doing this as today is the day we observe Anzac Day. As a friend put it “we honor those that gave up their future so we could have a future”.

Most businesses close today. There is no buying or selling and so I do not feel comfortable “selling” on this blog.

This day is taken more seriously than any other day in Australia. My children had their own “afternoon service” at school yesterday and they wore red poppies – to remember those that gave their lives. They listen to “The Last Post” while having a minute of silence. Schools may not choose to talk about Easter, or Christmas, but remembering the Anzacs is a topic of priority this time of year.
This morning – many people get up in the dark to be there at the dawn service. Children and adults lay wreaths to honor the fallen soldiers.

I am honored to say that my Grandfather, and two of my uncles have served in the Australian Army. My Grandfather had a hard time speaking of it, and so I do not know much about what he went through.

I cannot imagine what it would have taken to be young and willingly go into a situation that would likely mean death but I do appreciate their sacrifice.

The only thing I do request is that if you don’t have an ANZAC pin already that you purchase one to show your respect and honor for those that have gave their lives.

I will also post and excerpt”The Fallen” poem and a ANZAC Biscuit recipe that was sent by the wives of the soldiers that is famously made around this time of year:

for the fallen.jpg

“Greater love has no man than this, to lay one’s life for one’s friends”


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