Organization Friday: Your inspiration/meditation box


Today has been difficult because I am exhausted with still recovering from my hospital stay – but I did receive lots of wonderful gifts of friends that not only helped me keep me sane in the hospital but encouraged me and still provides inspiration now that I’m home.

I put these gifts into a box and named it my inspiration box, however it’s a great box that helps me meditate too.
Here’s a glimpse of my own personal box (I keep it under my bed):

This includes coloring pens, pencils, and adult coloring books. As well as some fancy lead pencils and a journal.
On top is a book that provides a bit of energy when I read it. This may be anything for you, maybe a poetry book that speaks to you and makes you feel understood when you read it. Me? I have a thoughtful gift that has provided a lot of thought and inspiration The Book that Made Your World by Vishal Mangalwadi.
Also I recommend maybe some highlighters, a favorite bookmark that makes you smile, something that is just for you.
Why this? We rely so much on electronic devises that are there to share so much of our personal information (take it from a blogger), you need something that is yours, and something that is personal that fits perfectly for you.

I suggest you take one day a week (schedule it if you must) to take the box out and use what you have in there.
We live in a society where we are trained to be on the go all the time – to make something happen – to produce, to connect with others – this is the opposite of that. This is a way to organize your own special “mental health” box, to reconnect with yourself and help you remember who you are and that you are taking care of you.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday!


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