Deep Thought Thursday: Embrace the pain!


When I was in the hospital for the last couple of weeks, one thing that the doctor told me was that most of his patients would have begged for a spleen removal because they can’t tolerate the pain.
The thing is, I knew how high risk a spleen removal for me was going to be, and I refused to give myself a way out.
I knew this pain was temporary which kept me going.
Before I went into the procedure I listened to this key speech that helped me mentally prepare myself for the pain that I was going to have to endure. I highly recommend listening to it (warning there are a lot of ‘unnecessary’ profanity in this video).
However Navy Seal Veteran David Goggins speech kept playing in my head. Instead of his saying “Embrace the suck” I entered into my head “Embrace the pain”.
Whenever the doctor or head nurse or anyone had to come and tell me “You now have to do this,” or “This will be painful” “This pain is going to last a while” I kept thinking of this speech and telling myself “EMBRACE THE PAIN”

I kept telling my doctor I could get through this… he kept giving me a look of concern – waiting for me to say I had enough, thinking I was all talk… but I assured him that I could handle it. I NEVER GAVE MYSELF AN OUT.

We live in a world where if something makes us uncomfortable, then we don’t do it. We pay too much attention to our feelings and don’t think about strengthening our mental muscle. If there is something you don’t like doing in your life but you have to do it… I highly recommend you watch David Goggin’s Speech, and change the way you think about the things that suck in your life that you need to do. I promise, you will only become stronger and better for it.


(P.S. Here are some inspirational “Embrace the Pain” Tshirts to get you started)


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