Awesome Finds Wednesday: Ready for summer?


Well, as I am blogging in Australia – it feels like we have our first taste of autumn being that our seasons are opposite here. However where I live in Australia it can be warm all year round – I have been known to get a sunburn in the middle of winter. So it can feel like we’re experts when it comes to hot weather.

So today’s find is in honor of some of you who may still be feeling a bit of that (late) winter but can’t wait to feel the heat… Here are some awesome finds:

1. The inflatable Unicorn is the hottest new pool accessory along with inflatable cup holders:

2. Having a big party out on a lake this summer? I personally think you couldn’t do without an inflatable island

3. A fresh pair of anti-fog UV protection goggles? These are hot!

4. Or are you so desperate for the beach that you are ready to decorate your home like you are on the beach already? Here are gorgeous pieces to decorate the home.

5. Last but not least – keep those toes and heels happy with proper beach and summer footwear:

Hope this post brings you a little sunshine to your day no matter where you live! Bring on the sun!


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