Life is like a box of chocolates…


Well my week has been made up of phone calls, organization, and preparing for the procedure tomorrow – only 10 hours to go. I’ve been told the doctors feel confident but it is a highly difficult procedure and not a “slam dunk”.
On a strange note one of my friends gave me two huge boxes of chocolates – not for me…
She is a pretty intelligent woman and told me that there is a scientific study that if you give your doctor a box of chocolates before surgery that there is scientific proof that your surgeon performs better during the procedure.
While I can’t guarantee this study… it sounds a bit crazy to me, I know this woman knows her stuff… and so I am sure there is some truth to this (feel free to post a link to this study if you know about it).
Which is funny because my doctor has explained that “anything can happen” with vascular procedures so… they really can’t guarantee what will happen – but they believe I have a real chance. Which is positive. With that it is my time to attempt to go to bed… I am exhausted as I have not slept well for a few nights now, and if there is any night I need sleep… it’s tonight…
Hope to be updating you soon!


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