Wednesday: 5 Hospital inspired gifts

pexels-photo-433267.jpegSo funny enough I was inspired to do a blog on this way before I knew I would be in the hospital again. The thing is, in most hospitals (in AUSTRALIA) they do not allow flowers in the ICU, also, if you are like me and doing weird things that will affect the stomach and compromise the immune system chocolate isn’t a great send either. So what to send or bring to someone who is in the hospital that will be useful? I have a list of ideas.
1. Socks – I know I’ve mentioned these before – it seems silly but if you are in bed a lot resting – and you have nurses attending to you it helps if you can look down at your feet to brighten your day  – so I always suggest some sort of novelty socks – usually grip socks are best however any socks that when you look down puts a smile on your face can change some sad moments into happy ones. These pug ones are super cute!

2. Book Accessories – If your hospital person is a reader – and they have to have an IV in one arm it is difficult to hold that book open – yes, I know what you are thinking what about a Kindle?? Kindles are great, if you are in a spot that you can make sure they are charged and not too worried about anyone stealing electronics in your room/ward. So If you aren’t able to have a kindle, charges etc… this little device is quite nifty for the one handed book holder.

3. A book – Not just any book! There are plenty of books out there that say they are uplifting positive quote books – but they are tiring to read. No! There is nothing like a Bradley Trevor Grieve book that makes you laugh!! My favorite is The Blue Day Book, but really any of them will make the reader giggle.

4. Earphones – but not just ANY earphones. So your patient has something electronic they want to listen to –  you can’t lie in a bed comfortably with most earphones. How about one that already sits inside a pillow? So useful with drowning out the hospital noises while entertaining your favorite patient, and it’s comfortable!!

5. Coloring books – no joke. These can be life savers for adults and children alike. I have seen people who have had to be in hospital for weeks and months – and coloring COLORING saved them. They will tell you. There is something very therapeutic about coloring and it has a way of helping the mind meditate in a stressful and difficult situation. Don’t forget the coloring pencils or pens (although I recommend pens so the patient doesn’t have to worry about sharpening them).

THEN, if they are in a ward and are able to accept flowers – then SEND FLOWERS!!
Happy gifting



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