Tuesday: A little more hope…


So, It’s been a while as I have been busy with being at the hospital for tests and consultations. I had an abdominal angiogram on Monday and the doctors have consulted one more time.
Apparently there was seen “a way” to get through my torturous splenic Artery which will be difficult but it is “doable”. Still high risk, with a surgeon on standby if something goes wrong but as I’ve been told, my chances have gotten a bit better. Still risky but better.
I have been told I have another week (and a bit) before surgery when they expect all the “parts to come in” from around the world to deal with the aneurysm and enlarged spleen. The Aneurysm is bigger than originally measured and the size of the spleen is quite impressive. I have been exhausted from all the tests and appointments and am glad to have a little bit of rest until it is set in stone.
I’m feeling a little more hopeful though. It’s good to know that your chances have gotten better and more than one doctor being consulted believes you have a chance now.
I have been asked “Why are you so happy”.
I am someone that is quite real with myself. I have had all the anger and depression I can have in the last few weeks and now I realize that I cannot control the situation. There is nothing more I can do to make this go well. I have too just accept what it is. Acceptance of your situation is next to happiness and closer to hopefulness!
Hope your weeks have been better than mine.


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