Tuesday Health Check: All you need is one!


I chose Tuesday as my health check, because Tuesday seems to be the day my doctor has his clinic open – and the day that I get a consultation on where I am at on my health.

So, My doctor is still away due to his own family medical emergency. However, due to getting his registrar, which involves a little less finesse with explaining the plans going ahead – I found out more about “the story” of my future than ever before.

However, I have been assured, that no matter what the story – it seems to be ever-changing, and could possibly change in the middle of procedures. SO nothing is set in stone.

However, Apparently I have been told that open surgery is last resort – that I am (the registrar’s words) “a nightmare surgery” which was comforting…

So they are desperately trying to find a Interventional (?) radiologist that would consider doing a full embolisation of my Splenic Artery.  Apparently the man that they had in mind decided it was impossible – however there is a man they they have consulted with (not in our area) that believes it’s possible. However everyone else is saying no – there is one… And of this ONE doctor, who is willing to advise my hospital on how to proceed – is what we are all waiting for, and hoping for.

One of my friends was wondering if I was okay today – and I said I’m just overwhelmed – I have been told that so many “expert surgeons and radiologists” saying that this can’t be done and I’m a hopeless case – and yet there is one that is saying that it is doable. My friend responded “Well all you need is one… you don’t need every doctor to agree – just the one”.

My parents are so desperate they were asking if they could fly him to our area and do it himself. It hit me – they desperately need to hear from a doctor who believes this can happen. How desperate am I for a doctor who believes this is doable? Yet, I have been told the truth of the matter – something I am not sure if my own doctor would say to me today. I don’t think he would have been nearly as blunt as letting me know that no doctor believes I can get through this.

As for my friends.. they keep focusing in on that one… YOU JUST NEED ONE Jen. Not all of them – Just one to say this can be done – and it’s possible. I’m holding on to hope – and possibility.

On a side note it has been told to me that this should all happen within 2 weeks but with short notice – as soon as a doctor is “willing” to try this one method that might actually work… or something like that…

It just takes one.


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