Inspiration Monday: Kevin Smith

Kevin2It’s weird that I’m typing this Title. Kevin Smith as inspiration? Sure he makes funny films. He doesn’t even make the type of films that I am USUALLY interested in (however my husband will try to prove how hilarious he is and make me watch all of his films). I will say that I probably enjoy Kevin Smith’s interviews more than his films. Either way, I wouldn’t normally call him an inspiration but someone who makes me giggle occasionally – but he is inspiration for me today and perfect timing for me (as selfish as that sounds).

I haven’t written this all down, but as a person who comes across like I’ve not got too many cares in the world, and yet was faced with death at the age of 6, with open heart surgery, I find Kevin Smith’s calmness while facing death as a grown man quite comforting.

Not only that, but as I mention that I have had to deal with the fact that I have another risky surgery coming up (which I should have the date of by tomorrow). I’ve been thinking a lot about death lately and I know… how is death at all inspiring? Well… so many reasons.

I have been asked in the past (with multiple life or death situations/surgeries) if I was worried about my health. I would shrug my shoulders and say “well, I could be perfectly healthy and get hit by a bus tomorrow and so why should someone like me who has health issues worry about tomorrow?” It’s true though. Lately someone who is “related to a friend of someone I know” went to go help someone who they thought was drowning last Thursday – he hasn’t returned. He isn’t expected to be found. He was 20, and healthy.

My heart aches for this situation but at the same time… Should I worry? Kevin Smith’s comments about not being scared, and facing fears was inspiring. If you haven’t read them you should. I say this because Kevin Smith is successful, he gets to do what he wants to do for a living (which frustrates me because with my health I have been torn away from so many of my goals), and yet, death has no preference. We all have to face it some day. We all have to face death whether you reached your goals or not. So why not use this understanding to make each moment count?
It sounds cliche I know! But you never know when. The best (and healthiest) people who can be healthy as the best can have heart attacks and strokes at a young age, not including crazy life circumstances that can cut things short).

If you understand this, life becomes more free, and it includes less worry about judgment. We all end up in the grave, just at different times – we might as throw that worry away so we can dance and laugh our way to the end.


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