Friday: Take extra care of yourself!

pexels-photo-280209.jpeg So my organization today had to do with myself. I have been neglecting taking care of myself on the outside. So today I got some fancy conditioner and really soaked my hair, Scrubbed myself with fancy organic soap, and oiled my skin.
I feel an improvement. I was actually dreading it. I don’t have much energy left and it felt stupid to spend what little energy I have on some sort of beauty regiment. However, my skin feels sparkling and I feel a bit more optimistic about life.
I have some soy candles I am going to light tonight as it is pouring rain (and a few places around us are flooded).
I bought some of my favorite wine, and as my husband (who isn’t a fan of sushi) is away, I’ve bought some Sushi so I don’t need to worry about dinner.
You don’t have to go to great lengths to spoil yourself. At the moment, I don’t have the money to go to a Spa or get my hair done – but for a few extra dollars you can make yourself feel a little extra comfortable for a day.
So this is what I organized for myself today!
Hope you all take care of yourself this weekend!

(I’m now going to put some fresh sheets on the bed)


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