Website Revamp


So I haven’t disappeared. I’ve been doing some thinking about how I want to conduct this blog/website and where I want to go with it.

SO far I have come up with a bit more organization and themes for each day:

Monday: Inspiration Monday – Something to inspire you through out the week.

Tuesday: Health related Tuesday – Update on my health journey and recovering from surgeries – I originally wanted to avoid this subject when starting a blog but I realize that for me to be authentic – it’s going to come up – and sometimes a lot – so I might as well reserve a day for it and discuss the reality of my life in this particular blog.

Wednesday:  Awesome finds Wednesday – There are some awesome technological finds that I just want and love that I can’t help but talk about. Finding that “next best thing” is in my blood. Having said that… have you seen these Toilet lights (Sorry – bathroom/restroom lights for those that aren’t as crass as us Australians).  Aren’t they a must? I want!! (I can’t help myself – it’s in my genes).

Thursday:  Spiritual/deep thought Thursday

Friday: Cleaning and organization inspiration

Random Sundays??


Let me know what you think… but I understand that I just can’t type about anything that pops into my mind on any given day… Also… I’m a day ahead from most of my readers (From the other side of the globe).

Hope your Week is wrapping up nicely!


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