So I’m ready to talk…


So, I have been laying low lately as I feel like I have gone through some depression lately feeling overwhelmed with the reality that lays before me. I am ready to explain and it’s super personal but maybe someone out there can relate in some weird way.
So, There is still the incident in which this was all discovered in which I have yet to write a blog post about but 9 months ago I was in a an accident which caused me to be dragged a good 40 metres (roughly 130 feet).
As a result they scanned my internal organs. I already knew that I had an enlarged spleen. Which is why I alerted them to doing a scan. The other was a bit of a shock. It seems that my portal vein was blocked when I was younger when I had a different procedure. The clot stayed there long enough to form what is called an “Occlusion”. Basically – it’s never going to change, it’s become a part of my body – and the body miraculously compensates by forming smaller vessels to get around the clot and get to the organs they need to get to. These vessels are called Varices. However the real kicker is a pretty large aneuryism (and two smaller ones) that they found on my splenic Artery. So… yes.
After much discussion on what to do (and I still don’t know everything), the rough overview is that I have to do 2 procedures (usually they do just the one) where they will “Partially embolize” something somewhere to lesson the blood flow through the varices. The doctor who would be doing the embolizing (I have been told he is “world renowned”) says that he cannot fully embolize – and that they will have to remove the spleen. I do not know fully what this means – but I do know they are worried about rupture of 3 (3!!) things and that I am a “ticking time bomb” as put frankly by my surgeon. However they want to meet with me again and explain EVERYTHING but also to explain to me how high risk this really is (joy – I get it, I could die – and it’s a good chance I might), but the alternative is that my life will probably end when something ruptures because I’d be lucky to get to the hospital in time, with doctors that are familiar with my history, and/or have the right skills needed to do such a specific job. So I really have no choice.

The spleen is getting bigger, and the aneurysm will only get bigger – until one day there will be rupture.
The funny thing is, when scans were first done, I casually mentioned that I might need to have surgery on my spleen (without even meeting with a surgeon yet) and the two people I told didn’t ask me WHY… just told me how I could fix my spleen with herbs.

Yes… with herbs.

I love alternative medicine, but please do not offer it until you know the details – and even then… if you offer it to me, I will just give you the number of my doctor and say “why don’t you consult with my doctor on what to do with me?”

Also, when do people offer solutions without listening??  oh that’s right… ALL. THE. TIME. So this is what keeps me from telling a lot of people that I know… the offering of herbs instead of actually listening.

So… I keep thinking I should prepare for “recovery” but I realize that I need to prepare for “never coming back” too. Which really sucks. Not sure how you can explain that to your children?
I don’t plan on explaining it to them too much until I have a date of surgery which I should know by next week. Also, I don’t want to worry them too far in advance.. ugh. Such a balance.

If I do get out of here though – I plan on getting me a I HEART GUTS spleen.

More about my dragging from a car and the minor surgery I had today in tomorrow’s blog.

Take care and remember to laugh!


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