I’m Batman, and you should be too!

car-superhero-symbol-batman.jpg So for about 6 years I have wanted to become a teacher. I love seeing children learn. I was about to go back to school 6 years ago and I got sick and ended up in the hospital and spent years recovering – so I finally get back on my feet, and enrolled in education. Again, I am dealt a hard blow of another major health issue and I have taken time off again in order to have surgery and take time to recover. It’s times like these that I wonder if I’ll ever get into the classroom as this is the story of my life. When I had enrolled in my first year at college when I was 17 and studying focused on Pre-med I found out that I had a heart condition that made me need a pacemaker. I was told I would recover and return to school promptly – only to have had years of pain from a mistake made by the surgeon.

I was in pain for the next 9 years with the arm on the side of my pacemaker. I told the surgeon about it and doctors for years only to be told the pain was “in my head”.

It wasn’t until I moved countries and needed a replacement that my new surgeon said “I hope you don’t mind, but I noticed your pacemaker had been resting on a nerve which might have caused you pain – I moved it during surgery so you might have a bit more muscle pain as I had to put it in a slightly different spot than you were used to”.

Seriously 9 years of pain gone! Not in my head! I never told my new surgeon about it because after complaining for years I gave up asking doctors about it and just accepted it. BUT those 9 years prevented me from doing much with my arm. I could sit hours a day in agony with nerve pain going up and down my arm – with no pain relief helping. I HATE when people are told that things are just “in their head”. I joke saying “Well, technically you can’t feel pain unless your brain registers that the area is in pain – so yes… ALL pain is in the head”. Anyway – I digress.

The reason why I tell you this is because I am fascinated with how the brain works due to my medical background (of being a patient and student) and also how people learn (due to my fascination with education). Do I have any documents saying that I have some sort of expert in this area? No… thanks to many of the medical reasons above (and I didn’t even list all of the times this happened). SO I am a frustrated student who has never finished, and I am equally frustrated that this has happened ONCE AGAIN. However my family likes to point out that it’s a miracle that I’m alive in the first place and so maybe I just need to find a different way to get through life.

With explanation of my unfulfilled passion – I thought I would mention that I stumbled upon a piece of research that absolutely delighted and fascinated me from BPS: Pretending to be Batman helps kids stay on task. What? I know!! My next question is… would this help adults? Hmm.. maybe it’s only my deep down desire but part of me wishes that I should dress up as a superhero in order to clean the house. I’m sure my husband would approve, of the cleaning and the outfit.

Maybe I should find an adult Batman outfit if I ever get back to my education degree and I’m writing my Philosophy of Education essay. I’d do it too.  Could a company benefit from adults wearing superhero outfits while getting their work done? Oh… my imagination when I read such a pleasing piece of research…   Oh how I hope they discover this is true for adults as well!

I’m now thinking that those people that dress up at Comicon are the normal ones and have secretly known about this all along and we’re all just catching up to this idea. Also if it does work for adults – then I want my surgeons (and nurses) to be dressed as Batman during my surgery – and if they can’t be – well – at least I’m hoping to convince them to wear some Batman scrubs?

What do you think?


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