Feeling rejected? you may be in good company with incredible people.

There are some amazing people that we admire today that have been rejected at some point in Einsteintheir lifetime. It is a good reminder that even if you don’t feel like people see what you have to offer now, doesn’t mean that you wont achieve what you desire to. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have what you need to reach your goals. It just means that person (or people) don’t see what you are capable of.

Here are some jaw-dropping examples:

  1. Albert Einstein – His teacher told his father that he would “never amount to anything.” He only turned out to be one of the greatest minds of our time…
  2. Vincent Van Gogh – Arguably one of the most popular and intricate painters of all time, had all (ALL!!) of his neighbors sign a petition to put him in an asylum.
  3. Frida Kahlo – Many of us know her story – she had to deal with so much physical pain, she got to the point where she could not sit or stand continuously –  and on top of that her husband had an affair with her younger sister which she found to be deeply hurtful, yet, she is arguably one of the most famous female painters of our time.
  4. Elon Musk – known for PayPal and Tesla Inc was bullied so badly lost consciousness after being bullied so badly as a child.
  5. Joan Rivers – Arguably one of the most infamous female comedians of my lifetime –  after years of success as a comedian she found out that she was broke due to her husband spending all of her money. She thought of ‘ending it all’ but then realized no one would take care of her dog. She was told “no” so many times when trying to make it as a comedian because she was too “edgy” or too “old”. So glad she never gave up!
  6. Stephen King – He couldn’t find a job after receiving his teaching certificate and when trying to get published he was rejected 30 times!! I’m not a fan of the horror genre but the guy has skill!

There is no way I could finish this list – it is endless. As Will Smith recently said that you have to be comfortable with failure because you learn from it. Jane Fonda expresses that you don’t grow and learn with being successful, but through your darkest moments. Sometimes surviving a situation means to be still and learn from it, so that you can grow and become who you are meant to be.

Hope you have an amazing week ahead.



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