Why Mike Rowe will always have “it”.

Dear Readers,
I know this is a weird post, and frankly I can only be so honest on here because half of my family doesn’t even know I have a blog, but we need to talk about Mike Rowe.

I have been watching Mike Rowe since the beginning of Dirty Jobs (My husband made me at first but I didn’t fight it after the first episode). His voice is amazing, and quite frankly I am curious about how he would have sounded in the Opera (look that up… he was in one).

Dirty Jobs was humorous, it made me think – and helped me provide a response to my teacher and classmates in my educational philosophy class when the classroom discussion centred on how as a teacher your job is to inspire students to “pursue jobs they love”, and how it’s the job of a teacher to inspire children to be creative. At that point I said “If every kid gets a dream job, who’s going to be my plummer?” *SILENCE* Then… as if I hit a magic button I mentioned “Mike Rowe” and Dirty Jobs” and they were all on the same wavelength willing to entertain the idea. Had I not mentioned Mike Rowe, I think they would have thought I was crazy! I went on… “I Guess we wont have anybody to do the ‘undesirable jobs’ out there – and “society wont run will it?”. I have to say, I wouldn’t have thought outside of the “chase all your dreams” attitude had it not been for Dirty Jobs. However, I’m not sure what world some of my classmates are living in but their conclusion was “well, in the future we may not need people to do those jobs, we’ll think of a way where we can live our lives without toilets”. 😳 umm… please send me to another planet if the human inhabitants of this planet stop using toilets just because “no one should have to work in a job involving poop.” 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

I hear Mike Rowe does some of the science shows now (I don’t get them on my cable), and I eat up every episode of “Returning the Favor” (the world needs more shows like this), and he will go on to do as many projects that interest him (I have a feeling he’s one of those people who wouldn’t enjoy doing ‘nothing’ in retirement), but there is something that makes him timeless.

It’s a sad fact, but what will always draw people to watching and listening to him (The Way I Heard It is Highly recommended) is not always his voice, or his wisecracks, or his intelligence on how he responds to the fan letters, not even how his mother writes hilarious letters. No, what makes Mike Rowe have “It”, and something that I believe is an undeniably attractive quality. It’s logic. I know! It’s crazy! But in this day and age where people claim all sorts of things and make decisions based on feelings – Logic is a rare and sought after trait in many people.

And So there you have it. I am undeniably attracted to logic. I find myself wanting to be around those that display this rare quality…  I’m not trying to get political or provoke, or cause controversy – I’m just stating a quality that can change your life. I highly recommend people invest in acquiring the quality of logic. It has worked for 100% of the people I know who have tried it. Including Mike Rowe.

I will say that most people I know who make decisions based on feelings (with no logic factored in) have made BAD, bad bad bad…. decisions…. so (based on my scientific findings) there has to be and always should be logic at the foundation of the many decisions we make.

And is it just me or does logic make a man seem more masculine? (which isn’t a bad thing no matter how the media currently portrays it).

Please let me know how logic has changed your life in any comments below.

P.S. I am going to say – for the record – I don’t get paid for recommending anything that has to do with Mike Rowe… I’m a tiny (as in numbers, not necessarily size of person) unimportant blogger (I am not a “social influencer” at all) and I just wanted to promote more logic in the world. However hopefully I have helped you with thinking about how much you appreciate logic and made you decide you would like to purchase some of  Mike Rowe’s work.

Mike Rowe


2 Comments on “Why Mike Rowe will always have “it”.

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    • Hi Alex, thank you for your feedback! I have done a lot of “trial and error” through different hosts and I recommend (and am using) WordPress. I am told I’m not happy unless I write once a day… so I make it my mission to at least do one blog post a day. I could probably do more but I doubt anyone wants to hear from me that often 🤭. I usually write a blog post for about 30 minutes, the ones that are better quality are about an hour’s worth of writing. Good luck with your website!


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