When “everyone else has got it together” – the big lie we tell ourselves:

checklistThe more I have authentic conversations with others the more I have come to one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves.

One of the biggest reasons why we get overwhelmed with life is because we compare ourselves to others – but what we compare is usually an idea, perspective or small facet of what we believe to be someone else’s life.

It’s a main reason why social media can cause depression, because we are usually only exposed to the “good bits” about people’s lives.

We believe others are making more money than us, that their children are better behaved, or that others parent their children better or that they haven’t experienced the humiliation, pain, or hurt that we have experienced and that their lives are better.
We lose our way when we begin to think this way. Every hurt, pain, or difficulty feels heavier when we start thinking “well this doesn’t happen to ______”. But it does. No matter how we differ from anyone else, almost everyone benefits and desires to feel needed and liked. These are the basics.  What we should be learning as we get older is that it’s okay if others don’t need us or like us, as long as we recognize our own value.

When we realize that not one person “has it all together” but that we all go through undulating emotions of good and bad feelings with different experiences, we are able to cope a little better and things can seem a little less overwhelming. One of my favorite books that I feel is a motto for me is Everybody’s Got Something by Robin Roberts.  It makes me remember that no matter what my problems are, that I am not alone and that you are absolutely capable to get through whatever difficult situation you are in.

Keep going!


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