You are a warrior!

This is my new motto.

We had a difficult day today. My son, who has sensory issues had a couple of meltdowns (in public) but the other difficulty is that I still have a few family members who don’t handle it well.

I cannot explain the frustration and I also I cannot explain the pain of feeling so alone with dealing with so much emotion each day.

I did have a moment when I felt the situation had settled but my emotions and nerves were still upset. I purposely took myself to the restroom, looked myself in the mirror and said “you are a warrior! You can handle this. You are strong”. I know we live in a world where we are to be in touch with our emotions and feel the depth of our reality but for some of us, if we did that, there might not be an end to the tears. So in moments where I have no choice but to keep going, I remind myself that I am a warrior, and that I have all the emotional tools to handle any situation that comes along.

So if you find yourself in a difficult reality, please keep telling yourself to keep going. You are a warrior!

God bless and be better!


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