Organizing inspiration:

What gets you inspired to get rid of your clutter?

Friday is my cleaning day, but I hate doing it (there are apparently some people who love cleaning… I need to find me one of those people and invite them over).

I have found that if I change the way I think about it, I am able to tackle the “problem areas”.

This is challenging for me as I married a man who has a hard time throwing anything away. My sensory son who believes he can recycle any piece of rubbish into art becomes distressed when I throw things out, so I have to do it when he isn’t looking. So honestly… we have a huge mess – no joke this is my dining table right now:


  • I think of it as exercise. I don’t have a chance to get to the gym – so I put my Fitbit Flex 2 on and tell myself this is my way of getting steps in my day. Don’t laugh. I have a bigger desire to get back into my old clothes (that are taking up space in my closet) that used to fit me than actual cleaning. So exercise it is.
  • Just like exercising, I set a timer. Maybe it’s 20 minutes at a time, if you need to get children involved, it could be 5 minutes at a time for them. Keep focusing on the cleaning until timer is up and give yourself a small break, maybe enough time to read a blog. Bonus: Add music!!
  • I love to read. I will read books, magazines, blogs etc. So I will find inspirational material about cleaning out all that clutter, and it keeps me motivated. Some of the most well-known books about cleaning are ones by Peter Walsh, and Marie Kondo’s The Life-changing Art of Tidying Up
  • Think about the money you’ll save? DO you know how many times I have bought things over and over again because I can’t find the original that I bought. Ugh.
  • Mental Health: It is proven that clutter can cause anxiety. I will feel better having a house that I feel proud to actually invite someone over and chill with, instead of feeling embarrassed.

With actually blogging about it, I am ready to go tackle that mess right now. Happy cleaning! Please leave a message if you have any other suggestions or helpful tips!


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