3 ways to sleep more..

Who doesn’t want to have better quality sleep this year?


If you are anything like our family, sleep tends to be a hot topic that varies in issues depending on who you are.
My husband who has Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) needs to have a CPAP machine which has been hard for him to get used to. We have updated machine, changed masks, changed air intensity – it’s amazing the variables that come with just getting enough oxygen at night time. At times his mask can be knocked off by the way he sleeps. I only just discovered recently that there is an actual CPAP Pillow that assists in keeping that mask on securely during the night, and I believe it might solve his mask problems.

My husband also moves and thrashes around a lot at night. My son who is seven and who has sensory issues has had this problem too, and he wakes up frequently tossing and turning. Thankfully his Occupational Therapist and Teacher both recommended a weighted blanket. This has helped tremendously. He went from waking me up 2-3 times a night, to waking me up maybe twice a month. I know there are ways to make your own weighted blanket but I couldn’t tell you as I am the least craftiest person I know (I still need work on my fine motor skills). I would highly recommend getting one. My daughter has asked for one for herself – she is next on the list to receive one.

These blankets are also called “gravity blankets” and are now proving to be a useful tool to help calm nerves for those suffering from anxiety – if this is a problem for anyone in your family, this blanket can also assist with calming the mind.

My daughter’s problem, from the moment she was born had trouble closing her eyes to sleep. She wanted to look at everything. She’s very visual and has trouble closing those peepers. The only thing that helps is an eye mask. Most people think of eye masks for travelling but if you have a child that just can’t help but look at the whole world, getting a cute or cool one to wear every night might do the trick. Also, eye masks have come a long way since we were young. There are some amazing ones out there. Take a look

Lastly, if you are anything like me, if you have addressed the rest of the family’s sleeping issues you may actually get some shut-eye yourself, and hopefully no one will wake you.


2 Comments on “3 ways to sleep more..

  1. Your husband is not alone as a new CPAP user. I’ve been using it every night since January, have changed mask manufacturers twice and mask size once, and had air pressure lowered, but there are still issues to sort out. (One change I made that has helped the mask be more comfortable is to cover it with a sleeve of thin, ribbed medical stockinette.)

    Because many years ago I fractured my cervical spine vertebrae, the use of most pillows makes my arms go numb. I usually alternate between two different styles of cervical roll (a tubular one and the “Neck Bone” brand of pillow), or occasionally bunch up one of my regular flat bed pillows, and have been fortunate that each of those options has worked with the CPAP mask. I hope your husband finds a suitable pillow arrangement soon: it doesn’t improve poor sleep quality to have problems with the treatment for it also interrupt sleep.


    • Thanks Christine for sharing the information. I definitely will pass it along to my husband who still struggles occasionally. CPAP machines are not easy things to work with at night time and I really don’t know how he does it. With everything you have gone through, you are probably an expert on helping people sleep better as I can’t imagine you are comfortable often. Thanks again for sharing. It is appreciated.

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